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Pultneyville Harbor has a rich heritage. Originally a fur traders port, Pultneyville was incorporated in 1806, and was the site of a minor action in the War of 1812. The Harbor started as a shipping port with several homebuilt schooners in service by 1810. This was a busy harbor until the Lake Ontario Shore Railroad took the business in 1868. The town has changed little over the passing years so a majority of the houses in town were built before the turn of the century. It is a small community featuring many architectural styles all within walk of the harbor. You can find Cobblestone, Federal and Colonial buildings thru out the village. It is rumored that fortunes were also made during the prohibition as well. Currently the town features many apple markets and several churches and the Fire hall. 


Where is Pultneyville?


Pultneyville is located on the South Shore of Lake Ontario, between Irondequoit Bay and Sodus Bay. We are approximately 14 miles East of Irondequoit Bay and 12 miles West of Sodus Bay. The village is situated on the lake and the buildings can be seen several mile off shore. It surrounds the mouth of the Salmon Creek which forms the harbor area for our yacht club and the Mariners Club. Map location for PYC.  Our club mailing address is:


Pultneyville Yacht Club

P.O. Box 137
Pultneyville, NY 14538

The club is located on the west side of Hamilton Street Extension.




Pultneyville Yacht Club has a Pavilion and two Club houses. The Pavilion features grills and picnic tables. Our Club houses feature bathing and kitchen facilities as well as a meeting room. There are also pump-out facilities, gin poles, a dry-sail ramp and a dry-sail hoist. Gas can be found at the Pultneyville Marine Co. located across the creek from the club.  The Pultneyville Pickle has closed so food & supplies are now more difficult to get to if you are on foot but don't hesitate to approach our club members for assistance or recommendations.


Docking at PYC


Please contact the Officer-Of-the-Day via VHF channel 16 to make docking arrangements when you get in range of our harbor.  OOD is manned on weekends only.  If you arrive during the week please find a spot at the guest dock (look for gin poles) and approach any member for additional assistance.  Dock fees will be charged in accordance with reciprocity eligibility.  Please see our reciprocals page to determine if your club is reciprocal with ours.  Our fees are listed on the same page for those eligible.  We accept guests regardless of whether reciprocity applies.  Non-reciprocal guests will be subject to dock fees posted at the club beginning the first night.   


Entering our Harbor


Starting from the mid Channel buoy, so as to avoid submerged piers. Pultneyville Harbor is entered by following two ranges on shore. The first is the lighted Green Range with a bearing of 189 true (201 magnetic) (located on shore 18 and 30 feet above datum).  As you come in the channel and pass the end of the fixed break wall, you should turn to follow the lighted Red Range, with a bearing of 251 true (263 magnetic) (located in the harbor 11 and 20 feet above datum). Once you are inside the harbor area turn south (180) and proceed to our guest dock. Often you will be placed in the dock of a member whose boat is not in the harbor. During mid season you can enter our harbor with 6' or less draft. However in the Fall more than 5 feet may be a handicap, as the channel seems to silt in, which accompanied with dropping lake levels make navigation difficult.


Pultneyville Harbor Chart 
(circa 1975, out of date)


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